Audley Interiors Design located in Northumberland County, Cobourg Ontario

Welcome to Audley Interiors.

A complete residential Interior Decorating service located in Northumberland County, Ontario.

I offer a diverse range of services and products including: paint colour consulting, custom window treatments and blinds, wallpaper, bedding, upholstery, floor and lighting plans, artwork, accessories and furnishings. All with the goal of helping to make your house a home.

Whether your project is one room or a whole house, together we can prioritize, plan and execute your dream space.

There are many ways that we can work together, however all projects begin with an initial consultation.

I will interview you about your needs, wants and lifestyle, take measurements and photographs and discuss your vision for your space. Getting to know each other during this consultation is very important and I will never rush the process.

During the follow up appointment I will present all of my ideas for your space, including: fabrics, drawings, sample boards etc...

You are the most important factor in the process. It is my goal to work with you to create a beautiful space that truly reflects your taste and lifestyle.

Audley Interiors Decorating Tips:

There are very few rules when decorating; however there are some guidelines that are often helpful. These are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when I am speaking with clients.

Choosing Paint Colours

  • Paint colour selection should be last!
  • Choose furniture, drapery, artwork and floor coverings first.
  • Take colours from the above or to compliment your selection of furniture and drapery etc... .
  • Open Concept? Choose main colour then go a few shades lighter or darker on the same chip throughout the main floor to create flow.

Where to hang artwork

  • Bottom of artwork should be 8 – 10” above furnishings.
  • Artwork in halls or stairwells should be hung with middle of piece approximately 66” above the floor.
  • Odd number groupings are most visually appealing 1, 3, 5, and 7 etc...
  • What size area rug

  • Furniture should sit on the area rug, the rug should be large enough for this where possible.
  • It is ideal to have 12 – 20” perimeter of floor around the edge of the rug.